NPI and PCB Prototype Assembly

We make developing new ideas easy

Our dedicated NPI team and short-run assembly lines simplify PCB prototype assembly and make NPI PCB assemblies efficient and cost effective.

Need to get your PCB design into production? We get things moving

Our stand-alone prototype and low volume surface mount assembly line is configured for rapid production of small batches and we use specially designed feeders for cut tape, allowing for components that aren’t supplied on reels.

We’re also skilled at both complex double-sided SMT board and conventional through-hole technology assembly.

And we’re fast! In many cases, Triode’s expert team can complete prototype circuit boards in less than eight hours from the time the bare PCBs and components are received.

Cost and time saving ideas

When it comes to PCB prototypes and NPIs, our goal is to help you achieve a high quality, commercially viable result.

Machine loading vs. Manual loading

At times, it may be easier, faster and more cost effective to partially hand load a project. We’ll help you make the right call on machine loading versus hand loading, or a mix of both.

Often, the solution is to place fine pitch devices and high component count parts by machine and then place the remaining components by hand. As always, this is assisted by computer software loaded with the BOM, placement coordinates and orientations.


Rather than paying full price for a stencil that may only be used once, we will only charge you according to the area required. This is just one of the ways we keep your development costs to a minimum.

Design For Manufacturability (DFM)

Streamline and simplify the prototype phase with pre-production feedback and pre-manufacture reviews. Our experienced and professional team can deliver detailed DFM reporting, which includes practical ways to improve quality and reduce PCB assembly costs.

These pre-manufacture reviews help you make informed decisions before you launch into volume manufacturing. Using only your BOM and Gerbers, we can identify areas for improvement and ways to reduce assembly costs.

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Whether you’re converting a concept into a prototype or taking your product to market, we’ll help you ensure your PCB project is a success. 


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